S2 | E3 How to stop the invisibility issue of perimenopause

Show notes

“We've got to recognise that the biggest demographic in the working population right now is women over 40,” says Heather Jackson, founding partner of GenM, the collective uniting brands to mobilise change around perimenopause and menopause. “Yet our research shows that 87% of women feel let down by brands and 92% want better signposting to the menopause.”

Heather likens menopause to running a marathon - the more preparation, the smoother the course - an analogy I love. The 70 brands partnering with GenM - of which Wild Nutrition is one - are leading the charge in better signposting and better support, yet the road is long. We cover some meaty content in this episode, from the socioeconomic impact of menopause to swinging from chandeliers (yes, really!)

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