S2 | E5 Menopause highlights: skin, symptoms and exercise

Show notes

An incredibly insightful episode compiled of clips from some of my favourite conversations with specialists in perimenopause and menopause. “If we're stressed, blood flow is going to be compromised to the skin”, says holistic facialist Abigail James, “but we need fresh blood flow for good nutrients.”

Lorna Driver-Davies, our Head of Nutrition, discusses how our cycle and hormones are intrinsically “linked to our personality and our brain.You might start having lower levels of testosterone, and testosterone gives us loads of drive and helps things like sleep, mood and sex drive.”

And Kate Rowe-Ham, menopause fitness coach, “A third of women have hip fractures over the age of 50. Had I known at 35 that weight training was going to be key for my muscles and bones, I would have done it.”

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